Monday, April 5, 2010

duck duck goose: Yu, Mårten, and the minidrome

alot of stuff happened over the past weekend/week (well on my rss reader anyway):

Mårten is Beatific from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Mårten is from sweden. prolly is from new york. Mårten in new york is a big thing. Mårten runs a something something butterbean frame which i bashed on a little bit but seeing Mårten prove's the built to be of good quality. 180 bars everywhere.

after watching this i've come to the conclusion that yu has a pretty solid setup. and the fact that he snapped a fork the other edit is a testament ot how hard the dude rides. but seriously, yu is looking like wonka more and more every edit- even that smirk at the end is wonka-esque. yu is one of the smoothest riders out there and in this edit, there are so many *SMOOOOOOTH* lines.

Vidda Crash Alltrack 2010 from Chaingang Kids on Vimeo.

now i'm going to be honest here, i was excited for the redbull minidrome at alltrack 2010 in the NZ. after seeing it being built, i thought it looked hella jank and lost a little faith- HOWEVER seeing the atmosphere surrounding the minidrome excited me again. this thing is sketch, and that's what makes it AWESOME. the fact that it was one at a time was...meh. i want to see like 10 people on this and spills and black metal injuries in the corners. but this sufficed and hey, people were flying out the corners- so it's a win in my book.

it's interesting to see how vast the fixed gear world is. in these 3 videos it sums up japan, new zealand, the us, and sweden. think about it. it's quite surprising.


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