Friday, April 16, 2010

IT'S A TRICK BRO!: men's journal mag cx shoot

Men's Journal Magazine May 2010 Cyclocross Fashion Shoot from Dylan Coulter on Vimeo.

recently a buddy of mine got himself a full on cross machine- a giant tcx 1 (i think it's a 1...). cool thing about it is the fact that he sticker bombed it. purists be pissssed HA! anyway, this is deceiving. UNNATURAL MUD? PREPOSTEROUS. i like hoe they need to have the mud splattered on their faces. if my buddy had his way, he would have just rolled in the mud. or told one of them to do a mud burnout and another guy to put his face in it. this is WAY too clean to be cross. when i think cross i think booze, and spills and BUH-ROHS! YEAH! this is a little too clean for that....should show this to him...


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