Monday, April 12, 2010

iD top caps

(via imd)
first off: reminder- iminusd has charge scissors in stock. this is your last chance to get one if you want one BEFORE june. yes, JUNE. looks like i'm not getting one anytime soon. i minus d not just a shop it's a friggin brand. alot of people rep imd HARD-remember the dude who got the logo tattooed on his leg? nuts. chari and co doesnt even have a dude with the chari logo. hell, you have to have some tenure in order to have your logo tattooed one SOMEONE ELSE'S body. like....campy....or something. anyway, these top caps are hot shit. gonna get one when i go back to san jose. i can finally get rid of the one that says giant on it *shudder*.


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