Tuesday, April 13, 2010

grime crew shreds.... they shred well, actually.

at 3:25, when i heard that riff...i went ape shit. i literally said OHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT out loud, got out my seat and braced myself. if you dont know that song, you dont know shit. you are missing out on a very important piece of music history. but who gives 2 fucks about ice t and the bodycount. watch this people- this IS the future of fixed riding and i couldnt see anyone else besides the grime crew to show us such a display. this is not an edit you are going to skim and skip parts- NO. this is an edit that will stay embedded in your feeble brain which will now be floating in grime instead of skull fluid. IT IS THAT GOOD.



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