Monday, April 12, 2010

another massive video post: cobblestone training, bros in so cal, DPII, chacon, and kris be trippin.

alot of edits have been thrown my way so let's get to it.

spring trippin' from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

kris from lockedcog seems to be everywhere. ny, sf, san jose and good ol' sac is in this edit and you also get to get a glimpse of prolly. i'm actually surprised that the picture of kris passed out on a couch with an imd shirt didnt pop up- i heard he had a riot of a time in ny. i wish i had the time to do these kinds of things. HA, prolly only reminds me that he wants to stick a pump in my errorspoke (inside joke if you follow me on twitter).

this looks brutal. though they made it fun with that song, i imagined dethklok playing and the whole thing would just seem...well... brutal. you definately need the right machine for this job; if someone ran an alu bike through this, i guarantee that it'll be broken by the end of that- which reminds me, i have to get rid of that borrowed suspension seatpost i'm running. yes, i'm running a suspension seatpost fuck you.

it's been a while since we've seen an edit from michael. looks like he's expanding his horizons as a rider- i bet alot of you were expecting him to do his famous super spinny keos. proression is key. good stuff chacon!

we're getting an overload of marwin. it's inevitable because socal is really getting it lately. seriously the epicenter of fixed gear activity has shifted from sf (when we had an insense influx of gnarcotix stuff) to so cal. maybe it's a seasonal thing, i dont know. hey this is a great segway into....

i've been hearing alot of stuff about dpII. this is the stuff that didnt make the cut... i didnt see the movie yet, but i plan to. i'm wondering how much of hector garcia (the guy doing bmx freestyle tricks on his cutter and all around good dude in charge of the byke project) made it in...Go to to get a copy. now. because i says so.


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