Saturday, March 6, 2010

what makes this messenger related?: new era messenger cap

(via highsnobiety)
hmmm.. makes you ponder, do cycle couriers use these kinds of hats? is this a petty scheme to sucker in the hypebeasts into a pseudo reality of fakengery (yeah, i just use fakenger in a sentence). like it or not, it happened. so i guess i have to deal with it. i dont like it, and i know others who will agree, but i guess that's what the kids want. but ponder this: what exactly makes this a messenger cap?



Anonymous said...

Considering the high min. runs for 5950 New Era Fitted (minimum order of 1,000 hats per order) in the name of keeping up the integrity of NE brand, they just took a HUGE dump that NE label with these. Yes, I'm being "that guy" on this one, but those are just horrible looking.

J.mika'ele said...

i hear that! a short bill doesnt mean it has to do with cycling. hell it could be an umpire cap! ba-jeebus.