Monday, March 8, 2010

transient messenger now available!

(via transient)
shit just hit the fan for me. im going apeshit about this bag. this bag was tested in the real wold and i say, is the best alternative to those silly chrome messenger bags that everyone seems to have. my transient hip pack/tool pouch is still holding up after certain abuse and i love the quality of are some specs and features (of their medium size bag):

"-4 Front pockets (2deep/2shallow)

-2 Pen / Tool Pockets

-1 18”w X 11” Internal Compartment velcro pocket (great for
laptops or just keeping those book corners from digging into your back)

-1 5x10” secret velcro pocket (can you find it?)

-Padded shoulder strap w/ built in stabilizer strap, and fastener for cell pouches or any other accessory w/ a belt loop

-1” Strip of reflective tape, running around the sides and front of bag for optimal night time visibility.

-1” “Daisy Chain” webbing strip on front. Separated into 4 spaces,
allowing for lights, bungee cords, or whatever else you might have in
-Heavy Duty Top of the line plastic hardware (are you tired of
metal buckles digging into your chest and side, and setting off metal
detectors?). Trust us, this hardware will hold up to any use you will
put your bag too, short of a house-fire.

-1680D Ballistic Nylon Base. This is the stuff they use for
airline luggage, and the outside of flak-jackets. It's tougher and
stiffer than 1000d Cordura, adding some extra life to your bag!

Length: 24"

Height: 14"

Base: 7"

and theyre gunning for my wallet too, at $145 for the medium it's great value. they also come in large and small- and even the small messenger is kinda huge. check them out at transient now.


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