Sunday, March 21, 2010

this entertained my simple mind: the tale of don giovanni

i love crazy independent stuff. don giovanni is basically don juan in italian- which is fitting because this version is based on mozart's story of don giovanni. i really want to see how this thing pans out here's the description:
"Unveiling the trailer for The Tale of Don Giovanni: That Indomitable Hipster, my first narrative film and a romping bike adventure.

This is the story of Don Giovanni as told in Mozart’s opera, adapted into a hyper-exaggerated bike hipster vs. anarcho-punk world on the streets of Salt Lake City. Wackiness ensues.

An all local original score coupled with a ton of stunts, races, and filming parties with 50+ cast members on a shoestring budget is a recipe for good times. I'm so excited to get this done and will be showing it soon. For more information check out


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