Monday, March 22, 2010

shit that makes me happy: gus molina is on SE

(via lockedcog.)
so whoever said that SE makes a shit bike, then....why is one of the dopest riders riding one? SE LAGER FOR THE WIN.

"bars:dmr wingbars 25 inches wide
grips: fit team grips
barends: snafu
headset: cane creek
fork: volume fu manchu
frame: se lager
cranks: demolitions 160
sprocket:macneil full bash 36t
pedals: haro prototype plastics
foot retention: rss1 prototypes
chain:half kmc half shadow halflink haha
front wheel:26 in chukker laced to a demolition hub
front tire: bontrager 1.25in
back wheel:48 chukker laced to soma hub
back tire: victorria adventure comfort 35c
pegs: all four are snafu
seat:coalition/hell on earth colab
post:volume post cut it all the way down only left like two inches on it haha

here's a snap of him having a grind off:

(via brandonmeans)
gus, you just became my favorite rider.


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