Monday, March 1, 2010

Mad steez: zach hoffner's pic of tyler's 180

(via ZiggyZach's Flickr)
there's so much going on here. as a critic of fixed gear tricks i like to pull apart tricks and expain. it's not so much as doing tricks, its' all about the steez (style) factor. it's not about landing tricks, its about refining them so they look smooth or different. take the congo air for example, any bloke can huck the shit out of an air, but congo tweaked it so it looks hella gnar and shit.

now for Tyler's 180, you get a full picture of his steez. first you have handlebars cranked to the side and a certain stance. his weight is pulled forwards changing the center of gravity. looks like he's about to swing the shit out of the rear. in addition to that, he's got the lookback going, which is scary as FUHHHHH. that's why i can only land halfcabs and why im too pussy to pull a regular 180 (half cab= fakie 180. instead of swinging the shit out of the rear, alot of the focus is on the frnt, but i digress). let's just say tyler pull this off with mad style, and hopefully there will be an edit on the way.


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