Monday, March 1, 2010

looks like i was in SJ on the wrong day: lockedcog's daily mobile 2/28

Dailymobile 2/28.Dailymobile 2/28.
(via lockedcog)
the thing about iminusd is the fact that when i was in highschool it was azuki (well it still is). and the thing about azuki was it was run by some of my friends in highschool. like that dude on the cellphone, i went to evhs with that dude. i remember the last time i went home i talked to some of my class of 08 friends and they were like "DUDE DID YOU KNOW AZUKI TURNED INTO A BIKE SHOP!?!" it's funny because when i began riding, no one knew what a fixed gear was (and it was just azuki) so i guess i'm to blame for that. in the first pic, the dude doing the nose bonk is my boy marcos who does the testing for shortyfatz (though he's not on one now). in the bg that's carlos (who was there when i was at the shop on sat), and in the second pic the dude on the scissor is John (who used to ride the sickest iro i've ever seen, did you know those things clear 35's? his 35's looked like 40's it was nuts). good stuff. goooooood stuff.


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