Thursday, February 18, 2010

this is hilarious: modern san franciscan by mike giant
(via tracko)
so pretty much every day, i go to a coffee shop called naked lounge here in chico. this encompasses every single girl that works there, which i find hilarious. the side comments are also funny as hell:
-likes boys with big hands
-hoochie mama hoops
-rides a vittoria rando in the back for long lasting protection
-rides a rubino in front for "superb"control
-coaster brake.
-phil wood hub because she likes to go FAST
-runs every red
-fucks on the first date
-still uses a flip phone (i had a flip phone for the longest time before i got my crackberry)
-prefers PBR
-has a girlfriend on the side
-smokes HELLA weed (i just like it when people use the word hella)
-live in the mission, works retail on haight (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
-hates tv, has never owned a car and doesnt have health insurance.
-bladed carbon fork for extra style (hipster) points

i'm pretty sure she works at naked lounge...


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