Thursday, February 18, 2010

got 21 minutes to kill?: stairways to heaven

a ways back i posted up a trailer of stairways to heaven. you can see the full length feature here:

 (via bicinity)
yeah, it's a bit lengthy but who cares. los angeles is a beautiful, big-ass city and this vid really shows the rideability of the place- it looks absolutely fun. and it seems like there were dudes from all parts of the LA area who showed too which signifies how strong as well as diverse the fixed gear community is there; it didnt matter if you donned spandex,or jeans, rode alu, or steel, had a tarck setup or ran full track bikes. the knowledge that some of these dudes have of the city is pretty sick- i can tell you right off the bat, i cant even do that for san jose unless i ride or drive through those streets alot. i know i bag on so cal alot, but damn... this is a very nicely set up vid and if you have to time to view it, definitely do so.


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