Sunday, February 7, 2010

sharp dressed man: Griffin spring/summer collection

griffin 2010 spring summer 5 Griffin 2010 Spring/Summer Collection
(via Hypebeast)
its times like these where i appreciate why hypebeast is still on my rss reader. you may remember that charge bikes had a special edition collaboration that involved a charge plug freestyler. apparently there's supposed to be a jersey in the works:

"The Griffin X Charge fixed gear bike features this season’s cyan blue and white colour pallet and is the first collaborative project we have completed with the bicycle company. Based just a few miles from the Griffin Studio, Charge have surged to the forefront of the urban cycling world, renowned for their domestic named frames such as the duster and juicer, Griffin approached the company to pursue a collaborative project. Cycling is a passion that Jeff and the team in the studio are very much involved in, from borrowing friends bikes when out in Tokyo through to daily commute. Identifying a gap in the market, we wanted to create a cool looking frame for the urban world. The result; Charge’s signature minimalist frame, the Plug, merged with Griffin distinctive design detailing, we even managed to work in a new Griffin camouflage. The bike has had an excellent reception and all 500 Limited Edition bikes were sold to worldwide bike stockists including Wiggle, Evans and the Cycle Surgery before manufacturing began. Due to the great response we are now working on the new range for launch at the end of August.

Following the launch of our fixed gear bike we have teamed up with Woolistic sportswear to design a collaborative cycling jersey. Swiss based knitwear company woolistic have been designing high quality merino cycling jerseys for just 10 years but in this short time have gained an international reputation for the quality and performance of their jerseys. We have mixed the heritage swiss jersey colours into a unique piece crossing over the worlds of both fashion and sport."

it's a little hipster for my taste (and my taste involve hardcore band teeshirts and skated nike sb's), but i dont know, it's looks kinda nice. sneak a peek here.


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