Friday, February 5, 2010

prolly purple sounds like a drug: Mishka DART colection.

if you didnt know, prolly works closely with Mishka. i initially thought DART (which the collection began in 2008) meant Death Adders Racing Team, but now it means Death Adders Road and Track. now the DART collection is coming hard with the spring 2010 collection. first with shirts:
if you can remember the spetznaz mkIII, then you know that their shit is quality. well to add to their heavy duty mkIII, for the DART collection they will release this jacket known as the DART Swarm Windbreaker. it will be available in red and navy blue.

now for something i'm psyched for: the DART merino hoodie. jersey pockets. bum thumb holes. longer backend (which is great because my hoodies always find a way to creep up my back sometimes). get this: the colorways are 1) black. 2)harbor blue.....and....3) PROLLY PURPLE. HAHAHAHAHAHA dude.... john, what did you do!?!?! soon enough we're gonna see bruisers in PROLLY PURPLE....
(all pics via PROLLYPURPLE)
i'm starting to save up for that hoodie. imma get it in PROLLY PURPLE!


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