Saturday, February 6, 2010

livery design gruppe @ ASR tradeshow

there's alot of stuff going on here, i'll try to go at it pic by pic.

racing frames

urban track bike

hardly working

urban track/w threaded fork setup

crank detail

fork detail

my dream bike. HELLA BIG CHAINRING!

the 20in mini is in the background!

crannks, bb's, cogs, lockrings, clips livery is stepping it up!


bars and old school saddles

there's that 70's bmx seat!
(via LDG)
seriously, Livery design gruppe is taking the game and running away with it. all these things are so dope i cant even wrap my head around it! i want to see so much more! what the hell man, it's like LDG's shit is like crack!


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