Monday, February 22, 2010


Lakefront Brewery Fixed Gear Beer
(via cog)
okay, i dont know about this one. a red ale from a micro brewery. believe me, i'm no bier connoisseur (alright....i spell beer as bier, it sounds cool in my head), but i'm pretty sure thats not what fixed gear riders would drink. we like it cheap, shitty, and on the run...
(via sean cirocksf)
thats more like it... i have a buddy who makes those belts. might invest in one.

(that pic was taken on san jose state. not sure if that's an incriminating picture...nah, cant be...there's no open containers... carry on then.)


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EighthInch said...

Milwaukee takes its beer more serious than most people think. It should do well as anything featuring malt, hops, and alcohol seems to here. Although I do agree, it's a pretty big jump from PBR. We'll see how long the novelty of it lasts.