Monday, February 22, 2010

starfuckers x masago: concor-esque






(via starfuckers)
this is the above bike store x masago aero saddle. i dont get it because on one side it's stamped with the starfuckers logo. whatever. we all love the concor for it's shape and classy looks, so magago basically took that silhouette and made it even classier. i love the cross stitching detail- the craft work is ridiculously nice. upon further investigation i think these saddles are just re upholstered concors:

"ABOVE BIKE STORE produces special corroborated project with leather craft brand "MASAGO," called "MASAGO x ABOVE BIKE STORE Saddle Project."

Handmade custom ABOVE BIKE aero saddle by MASAGO.
They removed original surface leather and applied their high quality diamond shape stitched cow skin on it.
Stitch color matches with color of cow skin.
MASAGO and ABOVE BIKE STORE logos are printed on each side of the saddle."

ooh and it comes in colors! faaaaaaaaaaan-cy.


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