Thursday, January 28, 2010

iminusd's charge scissor experiment.

well the charge scissors are out and everyone loves them. mark and the crew at imd sold them out hella fast. now if you know the charge scissor, you know tom lamarche.
Charge Scissor
now the thing about la marches bike, is that he runs 47c conti's. beefy? yes. effective?

(pics above via prolly)
oh hell yeah they are. and nowadays more and more people are starting to run chukkers and g6000's meaning bigger tires. if you think about the type of riding alot of people are doing, it's an obvious choice to go bigger.

recently, iminusd received a shipment of 48c vittoria randos. naturally mark and the crew experimented. here's the outcome:

(via iminusd)
in the front they fit a 40c, and on the rear they fit a 48c meaning: rear 48c Rando= 2mm clearance from the chainstay and seatstay. front 40c Rando= 4mm clearance from the crown.



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