Thursday, January 28, 2010

hypebeast muppets and something called a bixi: what up gangs(re)tar(d)s

i wasa bit reluctant to post this up but i feel as if i'm obliged to do so. first off the intro gave me spontaneous muscle spasms due to rapid flashing. then we meet the host, a hypebeast muppetlike dude who sports swapmeet sunglasses. not only that the goddamn muppet interviews a guy with gazzelle glasses- the only reason why one should wear those glasses is if you are
A) dj lance rock (who has the awesome factor)

B) run dmc

the highlight of gazzelle guy's dialogue: "fixed gear mean just one gear... that's fixed." woooooow. really?

then we meet "harry d. off the hook" and his lo pro with a brake. the brake is an automatic fail but he drives it even deeper with the intense chainsag. oh yeah, did i mention he color coordinates? yeaaaaahhh...NO.

after we find out what a bixi is. it's the ugliest thing i've ever seen. then they have the nerve to compare that to a fixed gear. not only that, dude at 2:11 goes a nut to stem "FIXXXXIIIIEFORTHEWIN" skid. the thing abruptly ends, for which i am thankful.

you will feel like you wasted 3 minutes and 18 seconds of your life.


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