Saturday, January 16, 2010

the east coast, west coast weather switch: HOC photos, and chari&co meets freeman transport

angelo calilap of house of commons snapped a couple pictures during the strange clearing of the skies in ny. the west coast's weather has been quite shitty, so im guessing theyre getting a taste of our weather. that said...

i like this set of bikes.

gan well pro (all carbon btw... *all the hxc track enthusiasts cringe*)

cinelli vigorelli complete with a front shamal (*all the italian purists cringe*)

bianchi concept with hed 3's and risers (*all the hill bombers cringe*)

and a mashinelli (meh... no one cringes. bc everyone is jealous.)

there are alot of beautiful bikes in this set so check them out here.

speaking of new york, benjamin from freeman bikes stopped by chari&co all the way from montana. it's really great that you can just break apart the bike and bring it with you when you go in a building. 1) you dont have to worry about it getting stolen. 2) not alot of bikes that function in this manner look good while doing so.
i like how it has that path racer look and feel. from the rustic appeal to the white tires to the major taylor style bars. the only giveaway would be the welded rack as well as the couplers that hold the bike together. it's quite awesome.

yeah, the bay area's weather sucks.


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