Friday, December 4, 2009

Kris lockedcog's Nem-Pro stolen!

My Bike Was Just Stolen!My Bike Was Just Stolen!My Bike Was Just Stolen!
from lockedcog:
"It looks just like this but with:

- Brand New White Julians.
- Brand New BMX Cranks (black and look like profles)


- Nemesis Project Trackfighter. (custom built to my measurments so it wont fit too many people)
- Profile Imperial Sprocket.
- Purple Nem Pro Risers.
- White Mirra Grips.
- White Avoset USA Seat (same as a turbo)
- Specialized Stem
- Chrome Landing Gear Fork.

Im so fucking pissed right now. The bike was taken literally off my porch. Ran inside for 5 minutes and came back out to have it gone. Two of my friends bikes were still there untouched. In order to pick it up youd have to walk though a gate and past my door so im thinking it may have been someone visiting one of the other units in my building. We leave our bikes outside my door all the time while we use the toilet and such. 5 fucking minutes! Most of this shit is brand new…just put the wheels and cranks on last night. Please please please be on the look out for it. Ill give someone a gift if they can track it down. At the moment I dont even have enough stuff to put a bike together. Ill be walking for a minute. Email me at if you happen across anything."

we got an eye up north kris. whoever stole the bike: dude, you just made the worst mistake. you just stole a custom made bike and therefore, it's ridiculously easy to find. dumbass.


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