Tuesday, November 24, 2009

wrahw/hfwido/torey's new : KILLLLRRROOOY
we havent seem much of torey/hfwido for a while. but it seems like things are looking up for the guy. here are the specs and some words:
Frame:  GOrilla Kilroy 52cm (which is like a 54/55)
Fork:  not sure
Bars:  Stone Edge (wide as fuck)
Grips:  ODI Longnecks
Stem:  Stone Edge
Headset:  Stone Edge
Saddle: Busted Vintage San marco
Post:  random 27.2
Cranks:  165mm Profiles
Sprocket:  36t Profile Imperial
Chain:  KMC Half Link
BB:  no clue
Pedals:  Twisted PCs 
Straps:  Hold Fasts
Wheels:  Alex G6000 rear with 13t cog, Velocity Chuker front (36h all day)
Hubs: Velocity and Formula
Tires:  Ribmo 35c rear, Kenda 40c front
Notes:  74 gear inches, Burly as fuck, not too tank like, dark

I would like to thank Thomas for the opportunity to be a part of the GOrilla family, and Wonka for always wanting for me to be down from the start, ha.  This setup is super solid right now and very new, but not uncomfortable at all.  Everyone who was involved with this one had their minds in the right places.  The clearance in the front and back is so amazing, and the sloped top tube is a nice addition as well.  The handling with these bars makes everything easier and more powerful.  I think that the size change in my bars is what I am most stoked about, and it feels waaay better.  She feels so good!"



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