Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leader 729TRK owners get ready to get mad: 729TRK 1.5

(via PC)
Hey! did you just put in an order for one of those 729 TRK's everyone and their mother is riding in so cal (so i've heard)? Well guess what? you ordered to late the be a trendsetter but too early to be baller! enough with the sarcasm- i dislike leader bikes. i dont know why, i just i guess it's the steel running through my veins (i mean, who would say "it's just the alu running through my veins" it just doesnt sound right). the TRK is steel- i liked it for a while, then everyone started running it- which caught me off guard. but i guess i like it once again with the introduction of the 729TRK v1.5.

the differences between the v1 and the v1.5 are quite visible. obviously they changed up the gusset/brace thing, but they also widened the stays (more clearance for those biiiig tires), re did the chain tensioner mechanism, and extended the dropouts. oh, and this time it'll come in flat black powdercoat.


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