Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sean Milnes & a look back on fixed freestyle progression

Open Bicycle - Sean Milnes from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

this week has been all about edits and videos. this one tickles my fancy because i love edits that have songs that you wouldnt link with hard riding (i.e mikey taylor's part in skate more). it's stuff like this that i makes me step back and look at where fixed gear riding is at. if you go back a year ago, the slider just came about. now everyone is doing it. no one dared to throw a bike off a 2 foot ledge- now that's all the rage. sure my style of boulevard bombing is becoming more and more into the background (and it's worrying me, to be honest), but the progression in fixed gear freestyle blows my mind. i mean look at that last jump- you cant do that on a bmx bike because the space between wheel and downtube is too small. that blew my mind! remember when the biggest thing in fixed freestyle were trackstands and skids? none of that applies now. it's crazy. then the keo came around, then sliders,now it's all about air tricks- when i started out i couldnt have imagined all of this. hell i wouldve hated all of this since im an urban pursuit purist (and i used to look down up on this kind of stuff). but damn you cant deny that fixed gear riding has become such a big component in fixed gear riding. i can successfully say that fixed gear riding has become split into 3 integral and equal parts distinctive parts: drome riding, urban riding (i.e. hill bombing), and fixed freestyle riding.

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