Wednesday, November 18, 2009

more videos: Tarck park, and The session bunnyhop

Flip Video Tarck Edit from Dylan Bigby on Vimeo.

you've seen these places many times. you know that first area from macaframa(lamamacdreyee), and the tarck park as seen in no cassettes and other stuff. i wish i could bust out some of this stuff. great to see sf getting back on the map.

The Session Vol.1 bunnyhop Contest-FIXED BIKE- from kenboo! on Vimeo.

across the pacific, a very different syle of riding is emerging. not alot of people realize that this sh*t is hard- really hard. certainly its more difficult than doing bunny hops on a bmx bike. there's pedal alignment as an issue, speed, balance while in air, etc. again, japan is being ridiculously progressive in fixed tricks and stuff. hands up to them.


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