Sunday, November 8, 2009

Japan on point

kris from locked cog is right. D*****MN. like ive said before and ill say it again, japan has a certain smoothness. i dont know if its because of the roads, or the amazing plazas to ride on, but japan has always had smooth riding. a new trend we see in japanese riding is airs. lately, alot of these dudes are hucking themeslves off trannys and such, taking a cue from the american style of riding and refining it.

on an intresting note, i found that all of the fixed gears had slammed seat posts. it has it's advantages and disadvantages- the center ofgravity can be moved more freely up and down the bike, and therefore you dee these dudes whipping the sh*t out of thir setups. however, it makes wheelies that mauch more harder since you have nothing to lean back on, and you have to pedal standing up 24/7 (which is ok on a bmx bike, but a b*tch on a fixed gear going for a distance). in addition, it seems like fixed freestyle machines are taking shape as 26er/29er bmx's with a fixed cog. if you want to see what the fixed freestyle setup will become, always look to japan. they got it on lock.


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