Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BMW Launchpad
(via BMW)
it's a given that BMW's Gangsta track bike is a staple in fixed gear quality and geometry, and we also know that it can take some serious abuse. well it's abou time that BMW introduces another fixed gear offering due to their rising popularity. say hello to the BMW launchpad, BMW's fixed freestyle specific machine. this one is jeremiah's (that dude from holdfast). looks like it's going to have a euro or spanish BB option ans well as a long and short top tube option. just think of it as a battle ready gangsta.

"Geometry is as follows:

HT angle - 72.5(short), 73.5(long)
ST angle - 72
CS length - 15.75" to 16.75"
BB drop - -2.40"
TT length (actual) - 21"(short), 22.5"(long)
ST length (c-to-t) - 16.25"(short), 18.5"(long)"


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