Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bike stuff: the nem-pro trackfighter & gorilla x miche 48 hole

(via prolly)
if youre from norcal, you probably know about nemesis project. ive seen one of brad's creations up (a starfighter) close and i have to say he's got his sh*t together. this is the trackfighter: gussetted downtube, spanish bottom bracket, and micro track ends with flanges. however, the main focus of the bike is definately in the booty. there is just so much clearance in this thing. f*ck man,  if you threw on a 700x23, it'd look like it's swimming in space. damn brad. 900 a pop will get you one (which is RIDICULOUSLY a good value considering it's handmade in norcal), but im pretty sure nem-pro is getting swamped with orders.
(via GOrilla)
if i got my hands on a track fighter, i would stick one of these in the back. it's a 48 hole gorilla x miche polo wheel. it uses a 48 hole miche premato laced to a special gorilla rim and it fits a 47mm tire. the wheelset goes for about 350 bones, which is pretty reasonable considering the quality and the exclusivity of 48 hole stuff out there.


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