Monday, October 12, 2009

a different approach to FRS': the brisbane outdoor frs

(via BOGear)
while alot of FRS companies are focusing on a bulky single strap that wraps around the pedal, brisbane outdoor is taking a different approach to the odyseey twisted based FRS. instead of foing through one side and out the other side of the pedal, they loop it on a side by side basis (only in the front).

this not only uses less material, it has more to hang on to. by taking a note from double straps (doubles are way better than singles, trust me), they decided to run 2 straps instead of one buly one. and by using a doubleizer strap, it reassures that the staps dont move around too much.
FRS Strap On by Brisbane Outdoor Gear.
oh and fonseca and the nocassettes crew tested them. find out more here.


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