Thursday, September 24, 2009

what corporate thinks of us: street wraps, a rant

so this is what the dudes up in corporate think of us? obviously when you use the words "fixie bike" you have no idea what its a about. "fixie" is a certain type of bike, and bike means bike and therefore that dude just said "bike bike". and dont say fixie. the word fixie is a word used by people who are ignorant to what the whole culture is about; it also sounds like a toy. what we have here is a corporate scheme to get the younger fixed gear riders to throw away their [parent's] money. $50? for wallpaper? thats all it is. WALL. PAPER. and no one likes a clean bike. it has no character. when you look at a bike, nothing looks better than battlescars. with fixed freestyle becoming a more and more eminent thing, bikes get thrashed. this only makes the bike look prissy and silly. what happened to rattlecanning a frame? what happened to putting stickers on all the scratches so you end up with a stickered up frame. things are a changin'


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