Thursday, September 24, 2009

hipster nascar's interbike coverage

simon and aaron of hipster nascar is getting onto the interbike spirit, so i thought i would post up some of their coverage.

pinarello is finally getting into the fixed gear market. now, pinarello is a really ridiculously top notch road bike company, so seeing this makes me a little discouraged. why must a company that makes $1000 bikes get into a fixed gear market? looks like they put sh*tty components too. fsa vero? those come on my bike stock! bet they make these in china too...
at least 'nago keeps it real. and it's probably cheaper than the 'rello.

raleigh looks like theyre changing up the old school looking one way and the rush hour. white tires need to go though...

the boys at indy fab may have gotten the reason why fixed gear's are popping up everywhere from road bike companies... i guess they gave them an ultimatum...

fuji's feather actually looks tasteful as an ode to old school track bikes. $650 seems actually kinda reasonable...

along with the new feather model, fuji's been making noise with the changes in the track pro and the track elite. the frack elite looks hella sick. just the shape would make a tame drome head go nuts.

Andrew Lacorte and Christine D’Ercole and alex farioletti's affinity kissena in full velodrome mode.

affinity's cyclone trick frame. i think it needs a beefier fork and gusseted tubes imo...


alright, here's the thing that i get alot of searches from. globe bikes' roll. now i dont like the globe roll. only the handlebars. i think i made that clear so here it is:

oh look, a messenger just left his globe roll locked up to a parking meter. NOT. no courier would lock up their bike so ignorantly let alone run white tires. but apparently alot of you out there want the globe roll, so suit yourself.

big ups to hipster nascar for sharing!


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