Thursday, September 17, 2009

metal mondays (on thursday): papa ooh mah maw maw

i woke up from my nyquil induced slumber (i havent been feeling good all day) because of an alarm on my cellphone reminding me that its been about 3 years since i met my gf while working at a carnival. i texted her as the tv glowed of family guy- the episode where peter griffin rediscovers "surfin bird" by the trashmen. so here i am with "PAPA-OOOH-MAH-MAW-MAW" blaring in my head. a you tube search later i stuble across this jewel.

my original intent for this blog was to talk about bikes in a metal perspective, so i thought this to be fitting. maybe it's the nyquil talking, but im going to try to feature one metal song every other monday from now on. this cover came from the german thrash band sodom. it came off the m-16 album which is relatively not that old, it came out in 01. now what's special about the m-16 album is that it was a concept album (where the whole album takes on a certain theme, like coheed does all the f*cking time). the theme on the m-16 album was the vietnam war- you can see it from the title that adorns the name of a very popular weapon used in that era. the theme also rolled into a fun cover of surfin bird- a song that was out during the vietnam war. see, people who listen as well as create metal music are actually really creative and intelligent. it's not all screaming aimlessly.

i really like this song because of the history. it started out as 2 separate songs from the rivingtons, went through the trashmen and got a surf rock/rockabilly, got covered from the beach boys all the way to sodom, and here it is today. so i have one last inquiry before my nyquil kicks back in:

dont you know about the bird? everybody knows that bird is the word....


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melissa. said...

did you know i never left you a comment on here?

happy two years and 11 months babess.