Thursday, September 17, 2009

bigger isnt neccesarily better: odyssey flatware stem

odyssey has been innovators in the bmx realm for quite some time, and i see more and more riders utilizing the infamously awesome odyssey twisted pc pedals. well, for those flatland bmx junkies, odyssey has been in the process of developing a sub brand called "flatware". working with flatland legend and all around amazing dude terry adams, as well as chase gouin (go you tube them if you dont know who they are, theyre reaaaaally good), odyssey has compiled what will most likely become must have in the frestyle flatland genre.


now what does this have to do with fixed gear riding? glad you asked, they have made a 28mm stem. yes it's shorter than your shortest 35mm stem. what does that mean? tighter control and even tighter barspins for those fixed freestylers. and it's made by odyssey so you'll know it's bulletproof. now available at benscycle.


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