Wednesday, September 2, 2009

adidas ot tech collection: win some, lose alot more

(via streething)
alright, this is one of those collabos a can sort of let off the hook. the shoes i can dismiss, the clothes- not so much. let's start with the clothes: that colorful jacket is painful to look at. black one is kinda too "im trying really hard to look like a cycling messenger" ish. technical shorts make riders look like clowns. i like the hoodies. if they have back pockets like jerseys then i can live with it.

the shoes, however, are excellent. if there's one thing that adidas does right it's shoes. in all the pics of them being used, not one of them bends back, meaning a really really rigid sole. plus the ol' shell toes are perfect for riding with clips. another great thing about the shelltoes (superstar II's if you want to get all technical) is the tribute to keirin via the unrelentless uses of stars, satiny spandex, and leather (oh and the numbers to go with). unforunately it's only avail. in southeast asia adidas accounts meaning 2 things: hard to find for every one else, and costs a pretty penny. oh well.

"First row - OT MA-1 Jacket

Second row - OT 3 Stripe Trefoil Tee; OT Trackpant; Stan Smith 2

Third row - Stan Smith 2

Fourth row - adiCamo Jacket

Fifth row - Samba

Sixth row - OT Light Woven Jacket; Superstar 2 PTO

Seventh row - Superstar 2 PTO

Eighth row - OT Tracktop

Ninth and tenth row - Nizza Hi and Lo

Eleventh row - OT Trefoil Hoody; Nizza Lo

Twelvth row - OT Trefoil Hoody; Superstar 2

Last row - Superstar 2"


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