Monday, August 3, 2009

stuff up my alley: mahattan portage, x large, grenade, and thrasher

XLarge x Manhattan Portage Backpack
(via highsnob)
im a sucker for messenger bags and backpacks. ive pretty much turned my attention from sneakers to bags and backpacks (not really, im good with my obey jungle messenger). anyway, i spotted this and i kinda like it. looks like the setup can result in to some waterproofness, it's like a bag with a cap on it. and plus, xlarge has been a pinnacle of streetwear since as long as i can remember. forget the hundreds, forget all that sh*t- xlarge is dope. i know, not really metal.
Grenade x Thrasher | Japan Only Pipeglove
(via highsnob)
sucks though, japan exclusive. japan always get the crazy sh*t. seeing that i may need gloves to ride my bike (no grips gets sketchy sometimes), these look like pretty sweet candidates as to biking gloves. on second thought, maybe a little showoffy. regardless, i wish i had these two items.


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