Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the steel leaders of 2010:729TRK and 722TS

(via PC)

leader bikes is known for their aluminum framework-yet there are sh*t load of people (incl. myself) who belive that "steel is real". these are pics of the 729 trk "tick star" frame. im preally glad this is utilizing 4130 tubing instead of sh*t hi-10 plumbing pipes. im also psyched to see the wierd *ss web/bridge top&down tube reinforcement- it's alot cleaner than the prototype pics on the leader website:

according to PC, the dudes running 700x38's can keep their beefy *ss setup. what really caught my eye was the chain tensioner- im not quite sure how these are going to function, the adjustment bolt looks tricky... at $349 a pop, i dont think these are going to be flying out of leader's factory...expect to see these out in about next month.

(via pc)

then there's the 722, now i dont know much about this one, but it shares the shape of the 729 sans tensioners and reinforced top&downtube. what ive noticed with both frames is that the seat stays dont follow the usual leader form- they extend all the way to the top tube.also, because these are steel frames, the TT and the DT dont have that burly leader silhouette.the 722 is set for a release next month @ around $250 a pop.

i predict that these frames wont catch on with the leader enthusiasts. leader is always known for making affordable alu frames and the 729 and 722 are the 3rd and 4th most expensive frames of the leader stable respectively (first being the hand made frame/fork combo @$800, second being the full on track monster 735TR @ about 4 bills). that's why the 720,721, and the 725 were such hits because they were below 2 bills. we'll see; prove me wrong leader.


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