Friday, July 10, 2009

olivia munn and aots' 1000th ep. and my 100th post.

i have a huge nerdy crush on olivia munn from g4's attack of the show. recently she did a playboy shoot (which involved no complete nudeness- good for her), and attack of the show just passed it's 1000th episode- crazy feat. on that episode was her audition for attack of the show.
"A little background on that day: I didn’t know that I was going to be on set with Kevin, with lights, cameras and a whole test. I thought I was just coming in for a meeting. I walk through a door, get miked up, meet Kevin for the first time and then start my screen test. And well, I was going through my “hippie” stage and not wearing bras… So, yeah.. I look a lot different, but it’s fun to see the chemistry between Kevin and I was real from the start"

olivia munn ladies and nerds. i like how she looks totally different now (she looks reeeeaaaly asian in that vid) and her reaction to this was priceless. kevin peirera looks like a douche, but he's cleaned up. its funny, the show still goes that way as in the video today. congrats AOTS!


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