Friday, July 10, 2009

ABC's of today: alberto, bruiser, and cinelli.

im sort of hyped on caffeine.  i have to give it up to  Alberto Contador for combining teamwork with victory and betrayal. sorry lance, but contador played you like a sucka.

here he is. look at him eyeing lance. "IM GON GIT YOU SUCKA" in other news, 2 big releases in the fixed gear world today recently: the MKE bruiser s700 and the MASHSF cinelli.

here's tony fast on the MKE bruiser (it was a prototype back then):

as described by Burd Phillips: "Under $500 with a lifetime warranty. Designed by riders for riders. Can't beat that with a bat." but i personally wouldnt reccomend beating it with a bat. it may void warranty because of user stupidity error so please. dont.

now here's what alot have been waiting desparately for:

this, is the cinelli x MASHSF frame. since benny gold and i are twitter buddies and he actually responds to me im going to plug him respectfully. a post on twitter led me to this description which i found appropriate:

"It’s pretty remarkable to learn that the modern handlebar, the first plastic-framed saddle, the first foot clips and quick release pedals all came from the mind of one brilliant cyclist, Cino Cinelli. Since 1948, Cinelli Bicycles have been striving to make the best use of new technologies & materials, while pushing the limited of the status-quo in design. Their bikes and accessories are chosen by legends in the game like Lance Armstrong, “Super” Mario Cipollini, Greg LeMond, and countless others. Already having achieved ‘cult’ status, each new release is scrutinized like no other. Yet they always seem to churn out new innovative designs that derserve all the hype they get. One of the most hyped bikes since last summer has got to be this prototype MASHSF collab first introduced at InterBike 2008...The MASHSF x Cinelli fixie [EDIT: please say fixed gear.] was designed from scratch by Benny and the guys at MASHSF (Mike Martin and Gabe Morford), who are hot on the release of the instant classic film MASH. The sleek Columbus Airplane aluminum frame has a fresh custom paint job, with a high-gloss light-grey/dark-grey duotone color scheme. Not surprinsingly, Gold’s designs are all over this bike; not only was he responsible for the overall look of the frame, he somehow seamlessly blends the Mash lightning bolt, Cinelli’s head badge (and even his own paperplane icon) together to accentuate retro, yet modern feel of the frame. It’s not an over-the-top, standout-from-the-crowd design like I’ve been prone to like in the past, yet I’m finding it hard not to appreciate the class, elegance, and historic feeling I’m getting looking at this MASHSF x Cinelli frame: a perfect blend of the tradition of Cinelli, and the street-cred hipness of MASHSF/Benny Gold."

well put limitedhype!

i never realized how sick this bike is. i see the a hidden MASH logo on the inner side of the chainstay, i know there's a benny gold plane on the downtube, slurry of logos on the seat tube, but what im curious about is that message on the top tube. if anyone picks one of these up, let me know! i never noticed until now that there are lightning bolts on the seat tube and on the fork. benny, your a fool for that one (in a good way). just to clarify, this is not a cinelli vigorelli- it has pursuit geometry! so, skids are a bit harder to do... but you can bomb hills like a madman!


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