Saturday, June 13, 2009

vegan doublers.

i just had the best mother f*cking idea in my life while i was in the shower. i'm going to make vegan toe strap doublers out of recycled plastic material. the hard part is making the material, the easy part is putting them together.i'll utilize the material i used to make my garbage bag messenger bag, but use my extreme collection of plastic grocery bags that my folks get. i can probably stash a couple every time i use the self checkout at luckys or something. best part about it will be that ill have a 1or 2 year guarantee: if any of the doublers snaps or gets f*cked up, send em in and i'll replace them if they dont look like you sliced em up with scissors or something. but im pretty sure the material is pretty rip proof- if it could handle a full load of books and stuff, it can handle hardcore pedaling.

i think i'll make a few prototypes sooner than later. debateing wethe it should be a side doubler

or a top doubler like the kashimax'

 im going to try to make them threadless/seamless because sewing is not metal.

or is it? NEVS. oh! and i need a name for them. hmmm....


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