Friday, June 12, 2009

the globe roll

looks like urban velo's got a new toy:

globe is an underside to specialized- just like mini is to bmw for example. personally, i think this bike is way to aimed at newcomers into track bikes. first off the color scheme. what do you call something that is the opposite of murdered out? whited out?  lame. retro style (possibly turbo) saddle, 42mm deep v's, stem/barsetup (which usually comes in custom bikes) SAG double strap setup, there are too many high end components already on this bike. what irks me the most is the styling and the components. IT SCREAMS TARCK. okay, what happened to kids that bought a cheap bike and get components whenever the money comes. forget that- this is an $800 bike! for that, you'd expect a straight up godly machine right? might as well buy a leader set up, part out the unwanted stuff and buy the better compnents witht that money- it sure as hell would be cheaper than this thing and probably twice as good looking and stronger! that's 2 of my bikes. TWO SE LAGERS. and what do you know- this thing looks like an se lager. in my opinion, the globe roll isn't my cup of tea, and im sure there are many with the same opinion.


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