Monday, June 22, 2009

the search for a new seat: part one- cocaine.

" Ride the saddle as 3 time Paris Roubaix winner and cocaine user Tom Boonen."
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so im in the market for a new seat and im kinda on the fence on what i should get. not only do i want something that will be comfortable, i need a seat that ill look good on my bike without costing more than the bike itself. bmx, road, NOS, whatever i choose- it's has to be MEAAAN. at first i took a look at soma saddles. basically they're remakes of classic seats: the selle italia turbo, selle italia flite, and the selle san marco regal.
here's the okami:

and here's the selle san marco regal

aside from the quality differece, it seems like a spot on replacement. but these seats arent the only ones on my mind....


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