Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the monstrocities birthed from corporations

my gf insists that her bike is to be a fuji. there's no reasoning behind it, she just wants a fuji becuase she likes fuji apples. even after revealing that the fuji track is the same as the se lager, the dawes sst, the scattante, as well as a handful of other bikes- she stood unfazed. oh fuji.

way back when, fuji did a collabo with OBEY:

since this bike, the view of the urban keirin/pursuit look has made this their prototype. as close as i was to buying one before i met my lager, this bike is now one of the most dispised bikes on my hateration list.  well much to my dismay, fuji is at it again furthering the prototype of tarck bikes while bringing down with it a beloved company in fixed gear culture: VANS. yeah, that was my reaction too.

(via highsnobiety)
hmmm... good thing this only japan or i would hunt down every single one of these and destroy them. PINK? what? BOTH BRAKES? huh? PLASTIC TOE CLIPS? sketch? ODYSSEY TWISTEDS? shame. they couldnt even upgrade that sh*tty kalin seatpost. and it's not even the new track frame. its the frame that i ride..... if you seriously want a properly done vans bike check out FGLxvansxCHARGE (but back then it was only superted) bike:

and that was UNOFFICAL!

moral of the story: big corporations shouldnt collabo unless it's done on a more independent/people based scale.


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