Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hectic morning: an ode to commuting cyclists.

So this morning I had the insanely bright idea to bring my bike to school. I knew 4th street had a patch of parking that was 4hr parking. So 25 cents per 15 min, therefore 50 cents is 30 min, $1 is an hour, in turn the full 4 hours is $4. Thus, this cuts my parking by half the cost. YEE YEE! The patch of parking was a couple blocks away, so therefore I had to have a mode of transport to school. I put a lot of thought into it and I figured, "I could bike there." Little did my dumbass know that I was in for the most hectic 30 minutes of my life.

So I left my house at around 8:15 ; the perfect time to sneak my bike into my car: mom is in the bathroom, pops hella bounced by then. I put down the rear seat in the buggernaut, and quickly found out: it's damn hard to put the bike in a small car like a vw beetle. I took off the front wheel and was mesmerized by how small my car was. I seriously thought about not taking the bike, but I managed to fit it in without taking off the rear wheel.

So while I was making the trek to school in the buggernaut, i passed over 5 cops that had pulled over cars in the Kelley park area. And I thought: damn, if the US were more like china or Taiwan or any other majorly industrialized/ modernized country in the world and utilized a form of public transport (bikes, buses, etc), the police wouldn't be pulling cars over, and therefore would concentrate on more gripping things like actual crime. Therefore industries like gasoline would find themselves lowering prices, but we wouldn't care- we're taking the bus or a bike. The air would be cleaner (san jose is getting pretty hoots about that), and the state would make more money through public transit, crime would be focused on, and my homeboy Arnold Schwarzenegger (I have his number. Well, his business card. Therefore he is my homeslice.) would have an easier time and be better at his job. Then I was brought back to earth because a Honda integra reved passed me like a dumbass. I scared him by revving back with my car's famous "VRRRRRRpssssssshhhh." He looked at me funny.

So I get to the patch of parking, and realize: damn I forgot to bring coins. So I panicked to gather a couple coins from the bowels of my car which resulted in 1 hour and 15 minutes of parking. I rushed to the nearest gas station and got another hour, then rushed to a convenience store to get another hour of change. At the gas station there was a latino dude eyeing my bike. I didn't have a lock, so therefore resulted in my bike being out in the open. Dude was staring at my bike HARD. Luckily, i got out of there as fast I could. By then it was time to get to class- I hella rushed. When I got to the classroom I was hella sweaty, but I didn't care. I felt a sense of cheating the system. it was great.

So to all the commuters out there, I salute you. You people support the state and country as well as self well being. I have a great amount of appreciation for what you do. I have to say this morning was ridiculously fun, a very different environment than chico. I think I'm going to do this again sometime.



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