Wednesday, June 17, 2009

garrett chow for globe bikes?

so i know i pretty much dissed the globe roll a few blogs back. i have now learned that garett chow of MASHSF is going to collaborate with globe. pulled from MASHSF's arkitip blog:

"I think cyclists in general will be floored at what Garrett has added to the 2010 lineup for Globe. I had the opportunity to shoot images for their new roll-out earlier this spring, and if anyone fans out on Garrett’s personal bikes, they will be big fans of what he has been working on with globe. Refined city bikes. Their street/track slot relates to most of us. Starting at around 550$ for spring 2010."

something tells me there's going to be a pursuit frame in the works..... ive been a fan of garrett since i got introduced to the MASHSF movie. im quite fond of his personal bikes too: the pursuit ciocc, the "HE(LLA)" HED wheel adorned on his cinelli- he's an incredible and well rounded cyclist. OH and he beat lance armstrong off the line in his hometown on a fixed gear. f*cking awwwwsome. let's hope his setup is going to be dope.

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well, not as dope as this.

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or this...


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TaylorSizemore said...

Garret designed the globe roll... and the rest of those bikes, as far as I know.