Wednesday, June 10, 2009

eric koston and nike sb.

i called it. i knew this was going to happen. there was alot of speculation as to the nike sb am team showing up alot in the berrics. i knew it was coming. i knew it was coming. i knew it was COMING. this is bad. lets think about this: p rod is on his third shoe. janoski just got shoe. omar salazar is up next for a shoe. then koston would potentially (i mean, FOR SURE) get a pro model. i can see it now: when this happens, all the old timers are going to be epically pissed. gino, forbes, supa, shimizu- they were there in the beginning. why dont they have a pro model? lance mountain go signed not to long ago and he basically is one of the forefathers of skateboarding. why doesnt he have a shoe? all in all im left empty. nike sb is disregarding tenure and loyalty over someone who just got signed. i feel as if the entire nike sb team is going to be left in the shadow of the froston.

for your viewing pleasure, this is why froston went to Nike:

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