Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The end of the world as we know it

So im back in san jose and things are great. Saturday will be live 105's BFD where I'll be watching Steve Aoki on the 1's and 2's. I know I know, steve aoki is at the forefront of hipsterism, but ive been a fan of steve's for quite some time and I like his story. Half brother of model/acress devon aoki, son of benihana owner rocky aoki, steve never saw any benihana money, and was raised separately from the fortune and fame and stuff. He grew up straight edge. He listened to minor threat and gorilla biscuits. His setup is killer- he's a hardcrore serato user, has a full technics setup, as well as has a deal with WESC. Women throw p*ssy at the man, and the dude is pretty sketch looking. That dude is the greatest: he made nothing out of something and what he does is basically nothing. That's f*cking awesome.

Sunday is the sjfixed alleycat race and im d*mn well essited. On the trip back to sj (well before), I found out that my rear wheel is EXTREMELY untrued. It's so untrued that the hub and rim are offset ish. Plus, I can feel it when I ted shred brake. It's not flat spots, I can tell that the rim in oblong in certain areas. I need to prep my bike. I have a lot of plans for the summer, one of them is to strip the stock handlebars and to rob the brake and brake cable. I could then use it on my paul e lever. Therefore, my pops would be happy, and I would be happy with my "braked" setup (the brake is only for aesthetics). I also need a different front tire- im running an 18-23 tube with a 25 tire, which is alright and rideable....

Last night someone egged my car. Usually I would be furious, but I saw it as an omen telling me that I need to wash my car. the buggernaut is running great, but I feel lazy and stagnant not riding my bike. My legs feel too – I don't know….at ease. Im so used to my legs being extremely tense and stuff.

Im afraid of becoming out of shape.



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