Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the velocity b43 and the chronology of fixed gear rim popularity.

first, the coolest wheelset to have on a track bike was the velocity deep v (or if you were cheap, you would run a weinmann dp18). that was 30mm of deep v wall goodness. this created a frenzy with hipster youth who desparately wanted wheels to match their bikes.

 then for a while, hplusson's 42mm put up a fight.

here's an example- one laced to the infamously insanly large flanged chub hub.

of course  then there was the "taco rim" incedent, in which has been isolated by h plus son by a recent blog.

so velocity upped the ante, by creating the polo and tarck specific chukker.

i've seen this in person: BEEFYASSRIM. that's 2 mm deeper than the regular deep v. its a start, and the thicker profile catered to the tarck progression aftervelocity noticed a handful of tarcker's using their wheels for something other than racing. but this left many confused-why didnt velocity just make a deeper deep v to compete with the hplusson SL42 and formationface? then there was the announcement of the b43. 43? hmmm....
first this leaked out:

war eh? then the actual rim leaked out in march:

then to all the velocity fans, it just released and is finally available. (@chari&co)

(via pedal consumption)
what surprises me is that theyre POLISHED. just like the old school campy atlantas, and araya super aero. now velocity freaks dont have to buy rims and put them under the torture of self polishing. I AM A SUCKER FOR POLISHED RIMS.

i think these rims are pushing it though. for one, im over the deep v thing. i like my rims the way they are personally. sure theyre alexrim450's, but they get the job done. but im still def. going to look at the b43's when i destroy my wheelset.


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