Thursday, May 21, 2009

the salazar by nike sb

if you havent noticed now, i love me some sneakers. i recently blogged about the downfall of nike sb; in there i mentioned the upcoming omar salazar shoe. omar is from san jose. i obsess over nike sb sneakers. er go, i must like this sneaker

(via nsb)
'fraid not. flywire with a vulcanized sole. WHAT? there's not much flex with a vulcanized sole, so why do you need flywire? toebox looks funny to me and ridiculously close to classic vans. and whats the deal with that hideous strap contraption looking thing stretching from the rear then expanding around the ankle. to be honest, cut that off- then  it would be decent looking. well, actually it would look like a flywire adaptation of a dunk with a different toebox. on the other hand- I WOULD TOTALLY USE THESE ON MY BIKE (sans the wierd strap looking thing).


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