Saturday, May 2, 2009

manny paquiao.

i know im straying from my usual kinds of blogs but:

manny is one of the best athletes i have ever known. the people of a lone chain of islands in south east asia look up to him as a man with the pride and weight of the philippines oh his shoulders. he brings filipino americans, saudi filipinos, native filipinos- the whole filipino community together. he is the filipino superhero. the man is incredible. he is in the filipino media, but hes humble about it. sure he has made a few bad decisions in these areas, but the man has come from a backround where he has not been exposed to things like sponsorships or media. he is a great man who is just now getting the respect and notice the man needs. hell, the dude is on nike and is adorned with his own sneaker as well as seen with a matching windrunner. he has defeated many foes- most south of the american border. recently he defeated the posterchild of boxing- oscar de la hoya. im excited to see this fight against ricky hatton. manny has alot on the line, and hatton looks like an exceptional fighter.

go manny.
go philippines.

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